[Premiere] iMills is going to have a multiplayer mode

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First LITE Games multiplayer mode will premiere with our renewed iMills

Here at LITE Games we are constantly looking for new functions, improvements and game concepts.

In doing so we are listening to you, our beloved customers. And we heard that a lot of you are craving for a multiplayer mode in our games where you can play with your friends. So we began to work on an all-new multiplayer platform. That was some time ago and we already showed off some results with Tic Tac Duel.


But now time has come. We are proud to announce that we will release our first classic game with a multiplayer mode later this year. Yeah, thats right, a multiplayer mode is coming to your LITE Games apps. We chose iMills to be the first app in which we will integrate the possibility to play with your friends all around the world and beat the high-scores.

iMills won’t just get a mulitplayer mode but also be rebuild from ground up. The new iMills will be better, faster, more stable and of course more kind of an eye candy. Further more there will also be an Android version. But that’s not all we got. We also want to give you a glimpse of what’s coming up. Just go ahead a take look at the screenshots below and tell us what your are thinking. You can send us your feedback to support@lite.games! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

But in the end our goal is to provide a multiplayer mode to a lot of other LITE Games Apps in the future. So please stay tuned and curious for more information.
Best regards, your LITE Games team.


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