The Power Game – Brian McCarthy’s board game classic

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We celebrate the 75th birthday of THE games-guru Brian McCarthy und say thank you for the great collaboration!

Brian McCarthy is the Da Vinci of board games – innovative, creative and lateral thinker.
In 1975 he invented the popular Power Game: The rules are easy (there are just 3 of them) and quick to learn. At the same time, the strategical challenges are unlimited.
Tactic is crucial – you’ll be in need of it.
McCarthy’s board- and strategy games have been sold more than 10 Mio. times! The most successful game is the Power Game. It’s available for free on your mobile device for iOS.

On the 20th of April the time has come – Brian McCarthy celebrates 75th anniversary.
The LITE GAMES Team wishes all the best and wants to use this occasion to present the Power Game to you!

+++ For further information, features and screenshots regarding the Power Game visit the game-page +++

Take on the challenge – play by yourself or with a friend on one device. Try it out now and download the Power Game for free for iOS!


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