We Are Lite Games

LITE Games GmbH was founded in 2014 in Hamburg, Germany and focuses on developing and publishing “casual classics” for the mobile operating systems Apple iOS and Android.

The constantly expanding portfolio of LITE Games currently comprises more than 30 games, the emphasis lies on the adaption of classical game concepts, and contains card games like Rummy, Canasta or Crazy Eights as well as board-, brain- or dice- games.

With more than 35 million downloads and many internationally top ranking apps in the most important app stores (Apple, Google, Amazon) LITE Games is one of the leading providers of mobile casual games.

Michael • Management

As an industry pro, Michael brings not only an affinity for games, but also 20 years of experience in the development of apps and games for mobile devices, consoles and PC. He has already worked for Electronic Arts, Goodgame Studios and Travian Games, and is also involved on a voluntary basis in the field of educational support and media development. “Of course” he is an ambitious gamer himself.

Malte • Marketing

Malte started playing mobile games on the old Nokia dinosaurs, but by now he’s switched to Apple mobile technology. Malte studied Psychology & Management with a focus on Marketing. In his limited free time, if he’s not playing games, he makes music and snaps photos of his surroundings. With us, Malte mainly takes care of the iOS versions of our games and lets our happy customers know about news and updates in the world of Apple.

Oliver • Graphics / Art

Specialized in Branding, Marketing, and Interfaces Oliver looks back at 20+ years as Designer and Creative Director.
While starting out in ad agencies, he always sensed that the main way in communications would be digital. Having also a thing for games in general it was almost inevitable to seek greener pastures in the industry itself.
Numerous involvements and projects followed including accompanying the rise of then German market leaders Bigpoint and Goodgame Studios.

Theo • Product

Theo brings over 20 years of experience in advertising and around 7 years in the gaming industry. While in the advertising industry he was responsible for clients like Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Konami and Square Soft. He led multiple interdisciplinary and international art teams while at Good Games Studios and InnoGames. He discovered his passion for video games back in early 90s buying a Super Nintendo. Here at LITE Games he’s constantly improving our games, making them even more enjoyable.

Benito • Quality

Benito has accumulated over 10 years of experience in quality assurance for mobile games. At LITE Games he’s taking care that the games become as bug-free as they possibly can.

Apart from being a devoted PC gamer, in his spare time he enjoys playing board games, expanding his ever growing Blu-ray collection and riding his beloved motorcycle through the Black Forest.

Alex • Community & Social
The passionate multiplatform gamer and certified Social Media Manager with more than 10 years of Customer Care experience is here to make sure you get a quick response to any issue you might bring up.
In his spare time, Alex is an active cosplayer, tinkers with 16Bit RPGs and creates content for the Steam community. In short: a full-blooded gaming nerd and exactly the right contact person if questions or problems with our apps should arise.