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We are LITE Games

LITE Games GmbH was founded in 2014 in Hamburg, Germany and focuses on developing and publishing “casual classics” for the mobile operating systems Apple iOS and Android.

The constantly expanding portfolio of LITE Games currently comprises more than 30 games, the emphasis lies on the adaption of classical game concepts, and contains card games like Rummy, Canasta or Crazy Eights as well as board-, brain- or dice- games.

With more than 25 million downloads and many internationally top ranking apps in the most important app stores (Apple, Google, Amazon) LITE Games is one of the leading providers of mobile casual games.

Our Team


Chris • Management

Over ten years of experience working in the mobile games industry make Chris a pioneer and a veteran. Chris played on the Atari 2600 when he was just a kid, got a degree in Media & Business Management at the University of Manchester, and worked in California for the then revolutionary peer-to-peer platform “Napster” at the turn of the millennium. The LITE Games CEO is a digital native who loves retro games.


Julia • Marketing

Julia is celebrating her 5-year anniversary in IT and Marketing. She started her adventure in the mobile games industry before switching to entertainment apps where she gained unique creative experiences. Now she is back in the gaming industry, helps us to acquire new users and takes care of the Android versions of our games. Julia loves travelling, boxing, playing Overwatch, and smiling. She is also hopelessly addicted to Twitter. We definitely tried to write that intro with 140 characters… but failed miserably.


Malte • Marketing

Malte started playing mobile games on the old Nokia dinosaurs, but by now he’s switched to Apple mobile technology. Malte studied Psychology & Management with a focus on Marketing. In his limited free time, if he’s not playing games, he makes music and snaps photos of his surroundings. With us, Malte mainly takes care of the iOS versions of our games and lets our happy customers know about news and updates in the world of Apple.


Sophia • Community & Social

Sophia discovered her passion for Community Management and Social Media when she worked as an admin for the German Game of Thrones Wiki. Now, she is taking care of the customer support of our apps and manages our social networks. Sophia studied Film, American Studies and Integrated Media. She started gaming when games where still running on DOS. Today she plays (almost) everything and on (almost) every platform. When there’s time left, she watches movies and tv shows, reads or draws.


Florian • Product

Even before starting school Florian was already playing games on the C64. His love for Japanese RPGs later led him to start studying Japanese Studies. In his free time Florian likes to play board games from all around the world, watch good tv shows or chip away at his ever growing backlog of PC games. Together with Anuwat, Florian makes sure that our titles offer captivating gaming experiences as close to reality as possible.


Anuwat • Product

Anuwat started playing video games at the age of six and nowadays spends most of his free time in big MMORPGs or playing Overwatch with his girlfriend. In addition to digital gaming, Anuwat also loves traditional board games and so it’s close to his heart to grow the fame of the our genre classics. Anuwat studied at the University of Flensburg, holds a bachelor’s degree in media informatics (with a focus on game design) and, together with Florian, makes sure that as many people as possible enjoy our games.