We Have Updated Mills for You


The new update of our popular classic Mills contains both the long-awaited automatic draw in online mode and optimizations for the computer opponent’s difficulty levels in offline mode. After downloading the new version, the version number on both Android and iOS is “Version: 2.6.36”.

The automatic draw function means that games can no longer be artificially delayed, giving players a fairer chance of winning. In order to enforce the new rules for all, an update of the app is mandatory. Only the update will allow you to continue playing in online mode.

Download it now and get back into the game:

We are very interested in your opinion on the new function. Send us your messages and comments via the feedback feature in the game, on our Facebook page or by email to support@lite.games. Don’t forget to enter Mills in the subject line.

You don’t play Mills? Here are some good reasons to get it:

  • Completely free
  • Single player and multiplayer mode
  • Play online and offline
  • Customizable rules for individual fun
  • Unlock great achievements
  • Conquer the top of the online leaderboard

You have questions, problems or suggestions? Check out the official Mills support site or send an email to support@lite.games.

Enjoy the game!


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