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The story of our latest game recommendation is quickly told. An aging hero returns to his home village with his faithful unicorn after the war. Horrified, they both realize that there is nothing left but ruins. So they decide to rebuild everything and make it attractive for well-heeled heroes. What they need? Weapon smiths, monster breeders, treasure forgers, potion brewers and… you. Because you have to plan, build, upgrade, cheat all heroes and thereby make the best profits.

Hero Park by Fun Flavor Games is sophisticated and lovingly designed. The game combines elements of build-up strategy, tycoon and idle game. Funny dialogues and info texts help with the introduction and accompany the player through the story. With increasing player levels you can constantly unlock new buildings, characters and product types, so Hero Park never gets boring.

In addition, many quests and daily tasks are offered at different levels of difficulty. Here you can unlock chests that contain gold, character cards and upgrade cards to help you progress. The best thing is the idle factor, because even if you don’t play, you still earn gold and points to increase your level.

In Hero Park you build your own personal hero amusement park with quirky shopkeepers and dangerous monsters. The game system is as simple as it is complex and always has some surprises in store for you. We think Hero Park definitely has addictive potential and… sorry, I have to send my unicorn to lure in new heroes. See you later!

Curious? Get the game right here for Android or iOS:

What’s awaiting you in Hero Park:

  • Immerse yourself in the magical world of elves, humans and dwarves
  • Experience the exciting story of an old war hero and his unicorn
  • Solve challenging quests and win valuable loot
  • Customize your village and automate your production
  • Sell your goods to heroes and send them into battle against self-bred monsters
  • More than 100 fabulous characters like heroes, merchants, vampires and of course unicorns

We wish you much success in entertaining the heroes!


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