The Rules

Game Setup

Mancala is played on a board with two rows of 6 holes each – one row per player – and two larger basic holes, called stores, on the left and right side. A player’s personal store is on their right.

Before the game starts, 4 or 6 pearls are placed in each of the 12 pits, depending on the game mode. The stores remain empty.

The aim of the game is to collect the most pearls in your own store (right).

How to Play

The players move alternately in Mancala. The player whose turn it is chooses a pit on their side of the board. All pearls from the selected pit are distributed counterclockwise to the other pits, one pearl per pit.

If a pearl lands in the player’s own store during the turn, it stays there and increases the winning score. If there are any pearls left after passing the store, they are distributed on the opponent’s side. If the opponent’s store is reached, it is skipped during the distribution.

If exactly the last pearl of a turn lands in the player’s store, the player receives a bonus turn. It is possible to get multiple bonus moves. If the last pearl lands in an empty pit on the player’s side and there is at least one pearl in the opposite opponent’s pit, the player may place his own and the opponent’s pearls from these two pits in his store.


The game is over as soon as a player has removed all pearls from their pits. The opponent then places all the pearls from the pits on their side into their personal store. The winner is the player with the most pearls in their store. If both players end up with the same number of pearls, the game is a tie.

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