Sudoku now as good as new [Update]


After a long time we are happy to present an update for Sudoku. Even though the changes may not catch your eye, users of new iPhones and iPads will be especially pleased.

This Sudoku version (2.5.38) features improved high-resolution background graphics and has been optimized for newer devices. We also fixed some translation errors in the localized languages. The update includes the revised points system. For example, errors deduct more points than before and playing at higher levels of difficulty will result in more bonus points.

From now on it is possible to disable advertising with a subscription for 1, 3 or 12 months in the Settings menu. By the end of the year we hope to finally make Sudoku available for Android devices. So don’t forget to check out the Play Store and our website!

Update Sudoku now or download it here:

The Best Sudoku Features

  • Infinite number of playing fields
  • 5 levels of difficutly (easy to insane)
  • 3 beautiful board layouts
  • Different types of number input
  • Intelligent note system
  • Automatic save function
  • Point calculation with high scores and timer

IMPORTANT INFO: With this update, we have changed the underlying technology on which the game is based so that new devices can be supported. A side effect of this is increased memory usage, which can lead to difficulties opening the app on older devices. In this case, we recommend closing other applications running in the background or restarting the phone to clear memory.

You have questions, problems or suggestions? Check out the official Sudoku support site or send an email to

Have fun solving number puzzles!





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