Download Minesweeper Universe now for free!

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The famous Windows game Minesweeper is now available on iOS and Android!

The tension is palpable in the young adventurer’s face. Just one false move could set off the sticks of dynamite. Luckily, through skillful calculation, she knows where the danger lurks. She wins, gathers the valuable treasures, and moves on to the next task.

Players can now experience this adventure for themselves — LITE Games reinvents the famous Minesweeper concept for the mobile era. Among other things, new daily tasks, a wide range of power-ups, four exciting worlds, and much more ensure an innovative gaming experience.

Everything at a glance — Minesweeper Universe for Android and iOS offers:

  • 4 wonderfully designed worlds
  • Daily quests
  • 5 different game modes
  • Power-ups for when you’re in a pinch
  • Minesweeper adventure mode & quick game


Try out Minesweeper Universe for free on your favourite iOS or Android device and get lost in the adventure!


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