Okey – The First New Game of the Year


We proudly present the first new game of 2018 – OKEY!

The name of the popular tile-based game, also known as Turkish Rummy, translates to “joker”. It is an entertaining and exciting pastime that is reminiscent of classic card games like Rummy or Canasta with the exception that it is played in the style of Rummikub with tiles instead of cards.

At the moment we offer Okey as relaxed offline fun with single game and tournament mode. The options allow you to customize the level of difficulty, number of players and the design of the pieces.

Both the 3D graphics and animations give Okey a realistic look, making the game feel authentic. The fact that the tiles can be sorted manually or automatically while the game is running also contributes to this.

Okey will continue to evolve in the future, but until then you should definitely give it a try and let us know how you like it.

Get the game now:



The Best Okey Features

  • Play offline and for free
  • Single game and tournament mode
  • Adjustable difficulty for computer opponents
  • Play against up to three opponents
  • Tutorial and rules to help you master your skills
  • Neat 3D graphics and animations

You have questions, problems or suggestions? Check out the official Okey support site or send an email to support@lite.games.

Enjoy yourself playing Okey!


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