New ChessPuzzle is coming soon!

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Our new ChessPuzzle for Chess fans is coming soon!


Right now the Candidates Tournament in chess is being held in Moscow, Russia. This chess event is traditionally considered to be the most important part of the FIDE World Chess Championship cycle.

Great news that our new ChessPuzzle game is just around the corner!

The ChessPuzzle game is reduced to the best part of the game: to checkmate the king in just two moves!

If you are looking for a new experience and a real challenge then try ChessPuzzle for free.

There are two game modes in ChessPuzzle: Puzzle and Arcade. In Arcade mode (with immediate feedback), the chess tasks need to be solved within a certain time limit in order to achieve the highest possible number of points. Incorrect moves will be penalized with point deductions. In Puzzle mode, you can solve the chess puzzles at your own pace, without any pressure. However, there is no feedback on whether the first chess move was correct or false.

What awaits you in this free chess puzzle game:

  • 200 challenging chess puzzles
  • Meticulously designed graphics (and English chess texts)
  • Chess quiz can be played in 2D and 3D mode
  • Solve daily chess challenges
  • Unlock difficult achievements!


Stay tuned! ChessPuzzle for iOS and Android will be available soon!


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