Mills board game app with online multiplayer goes live on Android

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The well known and much played board game Mills is finally available for Android smartphones and tablets featuring a brand-new online multiplayer mode. An iPhone/iPad version with online features will be released at a later date.

Our first Mills app was already released back in 2011 for Apple iOS and is still being played by thousands of players all over the world everyday. Because of that we’re even happier that you now get the chance to play a game of Mills against friends, acquaintances and even strangers thanks to its new online functionality.

We hope that you will have even more fun playing Mills than before with the new features and wish you the best of luck with climbing the online highscore leaderboard! The second app to get an online multiplayer is by the way our Rummy card game as formerly announced by us.

You can of course also play the game in offline mode if you wish to and enjoy lots of the features of the game!

You don’t know Mills yet? HERE you can download the app for free right to your Android device.

The game’s features:

  • Completely free
  • Single player and multiplayer
  • Can be played online and offline
  • Unlock amazing achievements
  • Climb to the top of the online highscore leaderboard
  • Customizable rules to suit your individual needs

Mills is currently not available everywhere. Check your Google store to see if you’re lucky!

Do you need help or want to read the rules again? Please have a look at our support area right here!

You want to try something new? Have a look at Rummy or Crazy Eights!

Have fun while playing our games!


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