Crazy Eights

  • elegant design
  • easy to understand
  • many optional settings
  • 1-4 challenging opponents

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Crazy Eights is the well-known card game that absolutely EVERYONE has played before!

With numerous variations like Uno™ and Phase10™, Crazy Eights is definitely the most successful card game in the world. In order to win, you’ll need the right strategy and a good hand. Every round is different, so Crazy Eights always offers unlimited possibilities for gaming fun!

The ground rules are simple and easy to learn – Crazy Eights is played in many different places in many different ways, so our version lets you create and adjust every imaginable rule: number of cards, playing direction, jokers, redrawing and much more…

Category: Card
Leaderboard: no
Online Multiplayer: no
Number of Players:
Downloads: More than 6 million

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