31 (aka Blitz or Scat)

This fast-paced casual card game for players of all ages is a time travel into your past. Teenage adventurers, pub gamblers and daredevil holiday gamers listen up: 31 sets a new challenge for anyone with a soft spot for timeless card games.

The hands are dealt and it’s on. Use your power of deduction. It´s all about drawing and swapping cards or passing at the right time to collect the perfect number of points. Three cards of the same suit or the same value earn you the highest score.

A hand value of 31 reigns supreme, the name of the game says it all. You knock on the table: Blitz! When you lose your three lives (matches), you get one extra, your very last chance, if you miss it, you are out. But don´t worry, 31 is addictive. Soon you will be playing over and over again.

On a vacation, on the go or at home, whip out your iPhone or iPad, tap on the app and let the game begin.

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Get 31 right here!

Icon 31

Great Features:

• Sophisticated 3D graphics
• Intuitive controls
• Up to three opponents
• Many settings
• Result list
• Optimized for iPad and iPod


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