Yatzy 4-Player Mode Is Here


Yatzy 4-Player Mode

Many of you have asked for a 4-player online mode for our popular classic dice game Yatzy. It is now available!

In order to make the new game mode possible, we have fundamentally renewed Yatzy in several places. This way we can ensure a much smoother multiplayer experience and reduce bugs and crashes in the game.

Download here:

What’s new?

The design of the game screen has been adjusted. The split screen from the previous version – one side notepad and the other dice board – often caused display problems and crashes in offline and online modes. Therefore, our developers decided to place the notepad in the middle of the screen and the dice below it. They now roll over the notepad when thrown. The new design is also easier to use for left-handed players, making it unnecessary to change the viewing mode.

With the Yatzy update to version 3.3.14, the 4-player online mode is available to all players. Before starting an online game, you can now choose between 2-player and 4-player mode. As before, you can choose between random opponents or players from your friends list.

All online mode features have been updated. This includes the player profile, the friends list, the leaderboard and of course the online mode start screen. In addition, a few more features have been added. For example, you can now invite players who are not currently in the app.

Latest Features

  • Brand new design of the game screen
  • Completely updated online mode
  • All new online 4-player mode
  • More great additional features
  • Bug fixes


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