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We have ventured out. With creativity and color, we breathed new life into the popular classic number puzzle Sudoku. The result is called: Mondoku.

Play your way through an art museum in more than 500 levels and many daily challenges. You fill the countless white canvases with the help of the right number combinations. As soon as you’re done, the gallery will shine in a modern colorful glow.

The shape and color scheme of the paintings is inspired by the works of modern artist Piet Mondrian, who became known for the art movement of Neoplasticism.

The different sized fields allow Mondoku to be kept looser and more diverse than the Japanese original. Instead of a strict 3×3 grid, the puzzles can have different sizes and shapes.

However, the level of difficulty is determined not only by size but also by the amount of numbers and colors available. An easy puzzle can be solved with only 4 numbers, while the real brainteasers cover the whole range from 1 to 9.

We are happy to see that several exclusive articles about our app have already been published. Learn more about Mondoku on Game Freaks 365 and Cision. The culture section of the German broadcaster NDR has even published an article about the history and development process of the game. You can read it here (German only).

If you like apps like Picross or Nonogram or you are big paint-by-numbers fans, Mondoku is perfect for you. The game offers a new challenge for any seasoned Sudoku master. Become an artist of your own work now!


Best Features in Mondoku

  • A whole new Sudoku experience
  • More than 500 puzzles
  • 8 levels of difficulty
  • Daily challenges for beginners and pros
  • All features unlockable for free
  • Modern art and puzzle fun all in one

For questions, problems and suggestions, you can always visit the official Mondoku-support page or send an email to


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