Rummy Multiplayer

The Rules

Goal of the Game

Rummy consists of a series of deals. Each deal is played in turns. At the beginning of a deal, each player is dealt 13 cards. The players’ goal in a deal is to get rid of all cards on hand. The first player to do that wins. The players who lose receive penalty points equal to the value of the cards they have in hand at the end of the deal. The game ends when one of the players reaches a certain amount of penalty points. This limit is 500 by default but can be changed via the settings menu. The player with the least penalty points wins the game.

Card Values

Card Values

Order of Turns

Each player starts their turn by drawing a card from the stock. Once a player has placed down their first meld, they may also draw cards from the discard pile. During their turn, a player can get rid of the cards in hand: either by placing card sequences and groups down on the table (melding) or by adding cards to sequences and groups that are already on the table (laying off). The player’s turn ends when they discard one of the cards in hand on the discard pile. This always applies which means that a deal only ends when the player’s last card has been placed on the discard pile.

Placing the Cards

There are three ways the player can get rid of cards in hand: by melding a sequence or a group, adding cards to a sequence or a group already on the table (laying off) or by discarding.

A Sequence (also known as Run) consists of three or more cards of a matching suit with their values in sequence.

Sequence (Run)

Sequence (Run)

A Group (also known as Book or Set) consists of three or four cards of different suits, but with the same value.

Group (Book, Set)

Group (Book, Set)

The player’s first meld has to consist of cards amounting to 40 points of value to be valid. This amount can be changed via the settings menu. Subsequent melds can have any point value.

A joker can be used as a substitute for any other card when composing a sequence or a group or when adding to an already existing meld. By default, there can be no more jokers than other cards in a single meld and two jokers cannot be placed next to each other. A joker’s value is equal to the card it substitutes for – or 20 points when in hand. A joker that has been placed on the table can be collected by replacing it with the card it was substituted for. A joker that has been collected from the table has to be used on the same turn, that is be placed in another group or sequence or be discarded. The joker rules can be tweaked via the settings menu.



Usage of the Joker

Usage of the Joker


Getting rid of all cards from the hand at once and without melding in previous rounds is known as „Rummy”. A player who declares a Rummy wins the deal and all other players receive the double amount of penalty points for that deal.

Online Scoring System

The online scoring system for Rummy Multiplayer is loosely based on the official guidelines of the German Rummy Association. Points are assigned to the players after each deal and game. These points will influence the ranking position of the players and will be displayed on the leaderboard.

Points assigned after each DEAL:
• Win by Rummy – 8 points
• Normal Win – 5 points
• 10 or less points in remaining cards – 3 points
• 11-30 points in remaining cards – 2 points
• 31 or more points in remaining cards – 1 point

Points assigned after each GAME:
• Winner – 12 points
• Loser – 5 points

If a player leaves the online game prematurely, they do not receive any points. In this case the game ends and every other player receives 1 point.

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