Color Palette

The Rules

How to Play

Color Palette is an auto-runner game, i.e. the background automatically moves and cannot be stopped. Therefore, the course of the game depends on the quick reactions of the player.

Start a new game by pressing the triangle (play button) in the center of the main menu.

The goal of Color Palette is to select the right color to pass through a barrier without breaking the triangle. To change the color of the triangle, the player has to press one of the three colors of the color wheel. When the correct color is selected, the triangle will cut through the barrier. When the wrong color is selected, the triangle will shatter and the level will have to be replayed.

Sometimes the barriers will change and reveal new obstacles that need to be overcome, e.g. moving colors or multiple taps.

The Shop

The shop can be reached by pressing the color palette at the bottom of the main menu. It can be used to buy new color designs or triangle upgrades. Switch between both options by using the respective tabs at the top of the screen.

Items in the shop can be bought using diamonds. These are earned by playing, but can also be bought in the shop.


Diamonds are the currency in Color Palette. They can be used to buy lives (hearts), new color designs or triangle upgrades.

Every time the player finishes a level they earn diamonds. The amount varies depending either on the difficulty of the level or the triangle upgrade. Diamonds can also be earned by watching a promotional video or buying them in the shop.

Lives (Hearts)

The hearts in the main menu represent the life counter. The player starts a new game with 10 lives. When they either lose or leave a game, they lose a life. A lost life automatically regenerates after 5 minutes. Lives can also be restored by watching a promotional video or buying them with diamonds.

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