The new Version of Rummy is here !

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It took a long time, but now the new, revised version of RUMMY is here ! With many new features, improvements and even more. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go, in which more improvements will be added little by little.

But the current version already has the scope that the previous one had. However, we have set ourselves a tight roadmap and will gradually add more features. This includes everything from optimizing the interface, adding elements, but also simplifying texts and buttons.

To make the changes possible, we have rewritten Rummy in Unity and also implemented a new multiplayer connection with Playfab. This leads to a better stability and a good performance. Unfortunately, as part of the change, the stats were reset once.


The new RUMMY version contains many Quality of Life changes, but also points with which we protect the privacy of you, our players. For example, the buddy list has been removed, which was just a kind of shortcut, and invitations are now sent via link. This can be done via instant messenger like WhatsApp or Telegram, but also via email ! Annoying invitation spam from strangers is now a thing of the past.

Through Playfab, taking an account to a new device is also no longer a problem. Just download the game on the new device, download the Rummy Multiplayer App and log in with your account data. Also transfers from Android to iOS and vice versa are so no problem and easy, even, to perform !

Also, all moves are now displayed in “real time” to the players, e.g. when discarded cards are taken back to the hand. This brings additional strategic depth, just like in real life. In the course of this, the handling, i.e. the “feel” of the cards on the screen has also been improved.

The functions of the online mode have been updated. These include the player profile, the way to invite teammates, the leaderboard and more, through the integration of Playfab. Playfab is a multiplayer solution that impresses with its professionalism and also provides, for example, the matchmaking of the well-known Microsoft Xbox. Stability problems in multiplayer are a thing of the past and give us the opportunity to expand the online mode and add more features like achievements, cloudsaving and more.

Please note: Even though we didn’t want to keep the new Rummy multiplayer version from you, there may still be errors in the gameplay, so-called bugs. Please report these bugs to our friendly support team, who will forward the error messages to the appropriate developers. These will then be fixed and hopefully will be fixed with the next release. So always keep an eye out for the latest version. It may be that the bug you have has already been fixed, but your app has not been updated yet. If you do this before you get an error message, you will save yourself a lot of time that you would otherwise hang out in support.


Download here:

See you in game !


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