MasterMind Deluxe – Super Fun for Super Brains


To help you pass the time during the restricted summer break, we bring you the puzzle and logic game that captivated an entire generation at the time: MasterMind. Our Deluxe version offers a more complex approach with five instead of four code colors but is otherwise absolutely simple and intuitive to play.

Also known as Super Code, Variablo or Bulls and Cows, this 2-player board game is a classic among puzzle games. The system is as simple as it is tricky. You have 12 attempts to decipher the correct code with colored pegs. The coder will give you hints on how to solve it.

MasterMind Deluxe offers a relaxing offline mode that lets you save and continue your game. You play during your break, on the bus or before going to bed? No problem. If you cannot solve the puzzle in a flash, you can still do so later.

The game structure is straightforward, and the controls work via drag and drop, giving the app a realistic feel. Drag the pins onto the board and place them where you want them. No need to think about hundreds of features, just concentrate on cracking the code.

Ready for a real brain teaser? MasterMind Deluxe is available for all Apple and Android devices:

Super features in MasterMind Deluxe

  • The 2-player classic board game for mobile devices
  • 5-colour code for a challenging gaming experience
  • Fast offline mode for in between
  • Save progress and continue later
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop controls

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