Yatzy! – the popular dice game is now available for iOS and Android!

Yatzy! is a dice game in which several players compete to record the most points in the scoring table by skillfully selecting groups of dice. Don’t have a dice cup and pad handy? Not even dice? No problem!
LITE Games packed it all together – everything in one app! You can start a game anywhere, anytime…

Whether with 5 or 6 dice, alone or against up to three counterparts. The rules are adjustable as the way you like it! The straightforward gameplay and intuitive operation guarantee gaming fun from the first dice-throw for you and your friends!

The best part of it: LITE Games offers you this great game for free! It isn’t necessary to carry a pen or dice with you anymore – just need your Smartphone or Tablet and the joy of playing!

Don’t waste time! Download Yatzy! now for free and make sure you got yourself the “Yatzy”! Let the games begin!
Icon Yatzy

Great Features

• Single player (solo) mode
• Multiplayer (up to 4 players)
• 5 or 6 dice
• Multiple rule sets
• 3 difficulty levels
• Optional left-handed mode
• Attractive animated graphic design
• Comprehensive statistics


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