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  • Brand new type of Sudoku puzzle
  • More than 500 levels
  • 8 levels of difficulty
  • Daily challenges
  • Unlock all features for free
  • Art and brain teaser in one game

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Modern art + number puzzles = Mondoku: the brand new Sudoku puzzle for Android and iOS.

Get the logic game directly from the Apple AppStore or Google Play and challenge your friends to a brain duel!

Game Features

What do you get when you combine modern art with the world-famous Japanese number puzzle Sudoku? Simple: MONDOKU. We were inspired by the works of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and created an entirely new brain teaser for you.

What makes Mondoku so unique? Instead of the classic 3×3 format, the game features a new type of grid. The fields can extend over several rows and columns.

In addition, the numbers 1-9 are not automatically available, instead the numbers available for a level varies. This makes it easy to learn the game and become a master in over 500 puzzles through 8 levels of difficulty.

If you enjoy games like paint-by-numbers, picross or nonogram with a good dose of brain jogging, Mondoku was made for you. The app offers a whole new challenge for every Sudoku master and at the same time turns you into an artist of your own Neoplasticist works.

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Leaderboard: no
Online Multiplayer: no
Number of Players: 1
Downloads: More than 50.000
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