• Play online and offline and for free
  • Partnership game of 2 vs 2 players
  • Adjustable difficulty for opponents and partners
  • Various optional card counters
  • High-quality graphics and animations
  • Customizable rules and background skins
  • Many exciting achievements

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The great classic card game is available on Android and iOS!

The partnership game Canasta belongs to the Rummy family. It is a true classic, as it was once one of the most frequently played card games. To this day, it is still very popular all over the world as it is easy to learn and can be rediscovered in many different variations. Give it a try, if you enjoy games like our Rummy Multiplayer or Okey.

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Game Features

Whether you’ve been playing the game for years or are just looking for a new card game for your mobile device, playing Canasta is always fun. Get it right here for free and start playing now.

The LITE Games Canasta is played according to the official Canasta rules. These are easy to understand and quick to learn. Detailed instructions can be found in the app. If you like it more individual, you can change almost everything in the settings the way you want. Your game – your rules!

The latest version of Canasta offers an online multiplayer mode. Play against players from all over the world and claim a prestigious place on the leaderboard!

The set-up of Canasta is reminiscent of Bridge with 4 players playing in 2 teams. Our game allows you to adjust the level of difficulty for every opponent and partner individually. Remember, you are never alone in your quest to win!

You think the game is too hard or not challenging enough? Customize the rules to your liking and create your own personal Canasta experience. The new version includes various card counters that show how many cards are currently in each location. Of course, this function is fully optional. You control your game!

Canasta offers high-quality graphics and animations as well as an officially licensed card design. You can now choose between several background skins that make you feel like you are sitting at your very own table. Make yourself at home wherever you play!

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Leaderboard: yes
Online Multiplayer: yes
Number of Players:
Downloads: More than 800,000

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