Dice, Lightning, Diamonds: Farkle (10,000)


It is not exactly known when and how the dice game Farkle was invented. However, it already has some precursors like 10000, Hot Dice, Cosmic Wimpout, Squelch or Zilch which are based on similar rules. The goal is as simple as it is difficult: use six dice to reach 10,000 points as quickly as possible. Challenge your luck, take risks, fill your bank with diamonds, face your opponents and avoid to farkle at all costs.

In the offline multiplayer mode, ten computer opponents with different game styles composed of talent and risk await you. Individual rule options are available to make the game easier or more difficult. In the online mode you play according to fixed rules and compete with people from all over the world for the 1st place on the international leaderboard. We regularly honor the winners in our Facebook Leaderboards Community.

Cool 3D graphics and animations with a space atmosphere create a unique look for Farkle. The simple game consisting of dice cup, notepad and pen turns into a thrilling adventure with diamonds and lightning explosions. Better watch out! In the end, you deliberately lose, just so the sparks fly.

Farkle is an exciting mix of strategic thinking and risk taking. High rolls can lead to a quick victory, but a wrong decision can cost you all your points. Do you always carry small winnings to the bank or do you go all out and risk being struck by lightning? Find out what you are made of!

Get the app now for free and roll your way to the top:

The Best Farkle Features

  • Play Offline and Online
  • Single and Multiplayer Mode
  • 10 Computer Opponents with Characteristic Playing Styles
  • Customizable Rules in Offline Mode
  • High-Quality 3D Graphics and Animations
  • International Leaderboards

You have questions, problems or suggestions? Check out the official Farkle (10,000) support site or send an email to support@lite.games.

Let your dice run hot but don’t get struck by lightning! Have lots of fun with Farkle (10,000)!


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