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Our developers at Gecko-Lab, who have already brought you great games like Canasta, Othello and Rummy Multiplayer, have recently started creating their very own casual games. Today we would like to introduce you to the latest title from Gecko Lab Games called Cat Pet Jump!

If you like platformers and jump’n’run games, Cat Pet Jump! is your game. Jump from post to post as a kitten, frog, ball, rubber duck, washing machine or one of over 40 other unique characters, trying not to fall off the platform. If you aim well, you will collect bonuses and rewards along the way, but occasionally you might also end up in a trap. Sounds easy? Then let’s see if you can handle the nerves when the post collapses beneath you as you try to jump.

Cat Pet Jump! runs with a dynamically generated interface. This means that every newly started game consists of random elements so that the task never gets boring. Additionally, as the player progresses, the level of difficulty is constantly increased e.g. by smaller platforms and complicated jump angles. This challenge is guaranteed to be addictive.

Of course, jumping and falling are not the only pastimes in Cat Pet Jump! Those who prove endurance can unlock more than 25 achievements and become part of the international leaderboard. Currently Gecko Lab Games is working on more great features for the game, which will be added in future updates. So off to your adventure!

Ready to jump? Then be brave and get Cat Pet Jump! for Android or iOS:

Fun features in Cat Pet Jump!:

  • More than 40 unique skins
  • Dynamically generated gaming experience
  • Increasing difficulty
  • Gems, bonuses and other rewards
  • 25+ achievements unlockable
  • International leaderboard


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