The Return of Happy Bombs


Once upon a time there were a bunch of cute bombs, two relentless game opponents and their powerful finger swipe. If this sounds familiar to you, you probably remember our popular connect puzzle Happy Bombs. We have good news: It’s back!

We have reworked the app and combined good old elements with exciting new ones. While the graphics remain in the cute comic book style, you can now compete against players from around the world in multiple improved game modes to earn points and rewards. The game is completely new for you? No problem! An interactive tutorial will guide you through the app and help you with your first game. With a little practice, you’ll be playing your way to the top quickly.

Happy Bombs offers the best entertainment for in between. The individual games are only 60 seconds long and are played in deferred matches. This means that your fellow players do not necessarily have to be online for you to play. Make your game and return to everyday life. Later, you can continue the rounds, find out who won and collect your reward. Perfect for the quick pastime!

There are two multiplayer modes. While playing in the Dojo in two-out-of-three matches for rewards like coins, skins or special bombs and boosters, in the World Tournament you can fight for the top spots in different leagues. And that’s not all. Happy Bombs is constantly being improved and will soon offer even more great features like daily tasks.

Get Happy Bombs right here and dive into an amazing adventure:

Explosive features in Happy Bombs

  • Interactive tutorial
  • Quick game for in between
  • Lovingly designed graphics
  • Earn rewards and fame
  • Play in online multiplayer mode
  • Move up in the leagues in the world tournament
  • Win special bombs and boosters
  • Soon also with daily tasks


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