Othello™ – The Famous Strategy Board Game Is Now Available for Android

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We are happy to announce that Othello™ has been officially launched on Monday, July 17. The famous strategy board game from Japan is currently available for Android smartphones and tablets only. A version for iPhone and iPad will be released at a later date.

While developing Othello™ we worked closely with the Japanese toy manufacturer MegaHouse to guarantee our players a genuine playing experience. Therefore, we are now able to present you our first officially licensed game title.

You don’t know Othello™? Get the app HERE free-to-play!

There are some great features included in Othello. For example, the game’s offline mode allows you to use the same device to play against your friends or family members. You can also play online and challenge people from all around the world to climb the online highscore leaderboard. The Weekly Top 10 as well as the Monthly Top 3 will be posted in our Othello Facebook Community. In the future you may also find updates and more information on Othello in the FB Community.

The game’s greatest features:

  • Free-to-play
  • Play online against opponents from all over the world
  • Climb to the top of the online highscore leaderboard
  • Unlock amazing achievements
  • Train against the computer with adjustable difficulty
  • Challenge your friends and family on the same device
  • Officially licensed app and rule set

The support site for Othello™ is not up yet, but will be added asap. Should you require any help, please leave us a comment in the Google Play comment section or email us to support@lite.games.

Please note that Othello™ will be replacing the iTurnStones app on all devices soon. Make sure to install the new app, so you can continue playing your favorite game.

Enjoy playing Othello™ and let us know how you liked it!


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