Farm Wars

Quick Guide

Here you can find the official and detailed help page as well as the complete FAQ for Farm Wars.

Game Basics

Farm Wars is a free-to-play game where you compete against everyone else playing, to see who can run the most successful farm by making the most money.

Games last only one week, starting every Monday morning and ending every Sunday evening. On the leaderboard page you can find a countdown clock displaying the remaining time.

The game is played by managing your personal farm and interacting with the market. The whole action is based around 1 market with 9 crops. In order to win, you need to strategize and outsmart the competition or join forces with other players to manipulate the market. Only the savviest will make it to the top.

The Farm

Your farm starts with 3 plots of land which you will have to plow, sow and harvest. After harvesting, you can sell your crops on the market and make money. You can buy more plots later when you have enough cash.

A usable farm action – plowing, sowing, harvesting – is indicated by a red button. Press the button to start the action and a countdown clock will tell you how long it takes until the task is completed.

You can upgrade certain parts of your farm. These will give you a strategic benefit. Choose between speed, quantity or a better deal on the market.

While a crop is being sowed, you are able to apply a fertilizer to that plot. Faster fertilizers will cause the crops to grow faster (but give out less crops), whereas slower fertilizers will grow crops slower (but give out more crops).

It is important to remember that the crops collected in your stockpile will slowly rot away. Rotting happens hourly, therefore you will lose more crops the longer they are stored in your stockpile.

There are daily disasters which could hit the farm and destroy some of your growing crops, i.e. fire and drought, thieves, pests and birds. You will receive an alert an hour before the disaster strikes, during which time you need to take the appropriate precaution to prevent losing crops.

Every day a chicken will appear on your farm screen. Clicking it will open the henhouse. Here you can choose a nest with a random amount of golden eggs. The amount can be doubled by watching a short video. Eggs can be used, for instance, to buy boosters or a farm manager.

The Market

The market always in balance. It changes continuously depending on the supply and demand for a specific crop. When a crop is sold, the price of that crop will decrease and the price of all the other crops will increase to keep the balance.

The market consists of only 9 crops. Each crop takes a different amount of time to sow, grow and harvest. After the crops are harvested they can be sold on the market. At the start of the game all crops will yield the same profit (PI of 0), but this changes as players start to sow and sell.

At random times throughout the day a high demand will occur. It causes a specific crop to have an extra high selling price. The crop price will steadily increase over time while the crop is on high demand, but beware as there is only a certain quantity available and once that is reached the crop will revert back to its current market price.

The Shop

The Shop sells items to prevent disasters and to provide extra services. These items and services can be bought with eggs, the currency in the game.

There are gold and silver eggs. Both types of eggs can be used to buy items, although silver eggs are usually used first. However, certain services can only be purchased with gold eggs.

Gold eggs can be acquired in the following ways:

  • Buy them within the game.
  • Receive them as a prize by making it into the top 20.
  • Get them when you have won a challenge with another player.
  • Get them when you have bought shares of the winning company.
  • Another player has sponsored you the eggs.

Silver eggs are all other eggs you receive and win in the game.

You can always buy more eggs by clicking on the plus button at the top of the shop page.

The Company

A company consists of a group of players strategizing together to have the most successful business. Players can only found a company once they have reached level 10, but they can always join an already existing company. You can only be a member of one company at a time.

Every time a member of the company sells crops, 10% of the revenue value is also given to the company as cash. This is an additional 10% and not lost by the player. Each company can also construct a factory to gain additional revenue.

Most decisions within the company are made by voting of all members. Only the CEO and the directors can start a vote, and then all members can vote either yes or no. The first option, reaching 40% of the votes, is selected. Through communication and collaboration, the best result is achieved for the company and each of its members.


The menu bar leads to the personal messenger, the power cards screen, the shop, the leaderboard and the options menu which contains news, the settings menu, the chat room (Town Hall) and the help section.

You will receive notifications about your farm when there is something to do. In order to receive the notifications an active Internet connection is needed. The background data has to be switched on. You can toggle notification alerts on the Settings menu.

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