Power Game

The Rules

The Power Game is an exercise in spatial relationships in which the object is to turn one’s opponent’s Master Gear (with arrow) in the direction of its arrow by the drive chain action of turning one’s own Master Gear. This drive action may involve any number or combination of one’s own and opponent’s pieces but the driving power MUST be applied to the Master Gear only.

Start positions—The eight white gears are placed in a line on the bottom rank with the Master Gear fourth from the left and the brown gears on the top rank, with the Master Gear likewise fourth from the left.

1. White plays first.
2. One gear only is moved for a player’s turn.
3. A gear (including the Master Gear) may be moved one peg distance in any direction, vertical, horizontal or diagonal
4. A gear may not jump another, but may pass through the diagonal between two gears.
5. At any stage in the game, a player may, the completion of their move, elect to turn their Master Gear. If this turns the opponents Master Gear in the direction of its arrow, they win. A player may turn their own Master Gear in either direction to achieve this result but if the opponents Master Gear fails to turn or turns in the wrong direction, they lose the game.


• Isolate the Master Gear early in the game leaving it room to escape.
• Try to connect one of your pieces with the opponents Master Gear as a control piece.
• Try to introduce at least one of your gears into a chain of opponents gears — you may wish to break the connection if in trouble!

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