Happy Bombs

The Rules

How to Play

There are two places to play within Happy Bombs, the Dojo and the world tournament.

To start a game in the Dojo, select an empty wooden board and press the plus (+) sign. Choose an entrance fee (watch video, pay coins or diamonds) to win a desired chest (wood, silver or gold) as reward. When a suitable player has been found for you, a coin will appear on the board. Tap on the wooden board and then tap “Play”. You can always return to the wooden board to see your progress. To win a match, you need to win two out of three games. Each game is played with a time delay. This means that after you have finished your round, you have to wait until your opponent has finished their round. Only then do you know who has won and can challenge your opponent again. The player with the most points at the end of a game wins.

To start a game in the world tournament, press the play button under the leaderboard. Here you play one game at a time.

After you have pressed “Play”, the bomb shop will open at both locations (see below for explanation). When you are done here, confirm again with “Play”.

When the game starts, you have 60 seconds to collect as many points as possible. You can use bonuses to extend the time or increase the points multiplier.

Connect at least three bombs of the same color on the board, e.g. three blue or seven red bombs, by placing your finger on the board and drawing a line. You can connect the bombs horizontally, vertically and around corners. Drawing diagonally is not possible. To increase the multiplier, connect any number of groups of at least three bombs of different colors. For example, first four blue bombs, then three green and then five yellow bombs.
You get coins for increasing the multiplier. These can be used to buy new bombs or to earn better chests.

When a game is over, you may spin the wheel of fortune. Here you can win coins and diamonds.

If you are victorious in a match, you can open the chest you have won directly after the game or you can deposit it in the Storehouse by selecting “Open later”.

Game Elements

The Map

The map of Bomb City shows you different buildings like the Dojo, the Storehouse, the World Tournament and the Daily Quests.

The Dojo

The Dojo allows you to challenge other Happy Bombs players in a two out of three competition. See the How to Play section above for more information.

The Bomb Shop

The Bomb Shop opens automatically when you start a new game. Here you can buy special bombs and boosters for your next game. It is also possible to activate and deactivate the bombs/boosters here. To buy a special item, press the plus (+) sign.

The special items will help you earn more points and a higher multiplier if you use them.

  • Red icons indicate that you do not own this item.
  • Green icons indicate that you own at least one of these items and that it will be used in the next game.
  • Blue icons indicate that you have at least one of these items, but it will not be used.
To activate and deactivate special items, tap on the icon of the item in question.

The bombs and boosters you can buy in the Bomb Shop include Mega Bombs, Time Bombs, Multi Bombs and Long Multiplier. Mega Bombs destroy all bombs horizontally and vertically like a cross from their position.

  • Time bombs give you three seconds extra time. This extends your turn and allows you to collect more points.
  • Zeitbomben geben dir drei Sekunden Extrazeit. Das verlängert deine Runde und ermöglicht es dir, mehr Punkte zu sammeln.
  • Multi Bombs increase your multiplier by one when they explode. The effect is also applied to the move where the bomb explodes.
  • The booster Long Multiplier extends the time the multiplier remains active. The higher your multiplier is, the more important this booster becomes.

The Storehouse

All unopened chests that you have won in the Dojo or in the World Tournament are stored in the Storehouse. Be sure to check back often, so you don’t leave any bonuses, coins or diamonds behind.

The World Tournament

The World Tournament lets you compete against players from all over the world. The tournament is made up of five leagues: Wood, Stone, Water, Fire and Diamond. The higher the league the better the prizes to be won. The top three players in each league receive prizes. However, these are only unlocked based on the number of players in a league.

Each tournament runs for 7 days. The players of a league play only among themselves. Depending on the number of players in a league, some players are promoted and relegated at the end of a tournament. The players concerned play in different leagues in the following week.

Daily Quests

The daily quests are still in development and will be available at a later date.


There is a question mark (?) button on most screens in Happy Bombs. Press the button if you want to get more information on locations, items or other game content.

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