Checkers Nr. 1: Checkrs

The Rules

English Checkers:

English draughts (aka American Checkers) is played with two players. Each player has 12 pieces of their color on the big 8 x 8 square board. Moves are only allowed on black spaces and there is always a black space in the bottom-left corner. Pieces are always moved diagonally to the next empty black space. Single pieces may only move forwards. Every move must be played (delaying is not allowed).

If a player meets an opponent’s piece that is not protected by a piece diagonally behind it, then this piece is to be jumped over and removed from the board. Jumps are only to be made forwards. If a further piece can be jumped over then this must be done. If there are multiple opportunities for jumps, no specific jump takes priority. The player can choose which one they want to do.

If a player’s piece reaches the opposite end of the board, it becomes a “king”. The move ends when a piece becomes a king and it is the opponent’s turn again. Like with normal pieces, a king may only move one space, but she may move in every diagonal direction. If the king jumps over an opposing piece she must be placed back on the first space. The king must also jump further if there is an opportunity to do so.

The aim of the game is to remove all of the opponent’s pieces from the board or to block all of the opponent’s pieces.

The rules of other popular international rules for Checkers can be found within the game under “Rules”.

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