The Rules

If you are familiar with the game rules of 31, please just read the explanations of the symbols, then you can start playing the game without further delay.


Keep: At the start of the game, the first player decides if he/she wishes to keep the 3 cards that were dealt…

Refuse: or if he/she refuses these cards and swaps them with the 3 covered cards placed on the table.


Knocking: If a player knocks, all other players can make one more turn, then the game ends and all players reveal their cards.

Passing: Players can pass, meaning they don’t make a turn, but the game continues with the next player.

Swapping all cards: Players can swap all their 3 cards with the 3 cards on the table.

Swapping one card: Players can swap one card with one of the cards on the table.

Aim of the game:

Each player starts with a number of matches (lifes). After each game, the player with the lowest hand loses a life. Once you don’t have any matches left, and lose another life, you are out (or you “drowned” in some versions of the game).


Each player is dealt 3 cards. The first player can either keep his cards or swap the cards with the 3 cards on the table. Each following player can either swap one or all three cards or knock or pass (see symbol explanations). If all players pass in a row, three new cards are taken from the deck.


The aim of the game is to reach 31 points. You can either collect cards of the same suit or the same value. If you collect cards of the same suit, each card counts their value, all pictures count 10 and the ace 11. Three cards of the same value will give you a score of 30 ½, while three aces count 33 points. If a player ends the game with 33 points, all other players will lose a match.

Enjoy the game!

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