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Okey, the popular tile-based game also known as Turkish Rummy, is a fantastic free game for your Apple or Android device!

The Turkish name of the game means “joker” and says it all because Okey is all about the real and false jokers. Okey is part of the Rummy family and very similar to Rummikub. If you are an avid player of matching card games like Canasta or Rummy Multiplayer, you should definitely give it a try!

Okey is a traditional game of unknown origin, but very popular in Turkey. The dynamics remind of Rummy, since you have to collect tiles to form sets and runs. The difference is that your hand stays hidden until you reveal it to win the game. You haven’t played Okey before? Don’t worry, a tutorial and the rules are included to help you become an expert!

It is up to you, if you want to play single games or tournament mode and how many opponents you want to compete against. You may even adjust the level of difficulty to your liking. Start “easy” to get into the game and work your way up to “hard” to face a real challenge!

Okey features 3D graphics and animations that create a realistic look and an exciting game atmosphere. It also includes intuitive aids to improve your gaming experience, e.g. mechanisms to sort your tiles automatically. Go ahead and check out all the functions!

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Get the game right here for your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and Tablet!


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Great Features

• Play offline or online completely for free
• Single game and tournament mode
• Adjustable difficulty for computer opponents
• Play against up to three opponents
• Tutorial and rules to help you master your skills
• Neat 3D graphics and animations


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