Mastermind Deluxe

  • The 2-player classic board game for mobile devices
  • 5-colour code for a challenging gaming experience
  • Fast offline mode for in between
  • Save progress and continue later
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop controls

Get the game right here:

Logic puzzles are your thing? No brain teaser is too tricky for you? Your mastermind has cracked every code in the book? Then MasterMind Deluxe is perfect for you!

The classic 2-player codebreaker for your mobile device is now even more challenging with five instead of four colors. Combine the different pegs and find out the correct order by following the coder’s hints.

Accept the challenge and download the app now from the App Store or Google Play.

MasterMind offers a relaxing offline mode that lets you save and continue your game. So you can either crack the code at once or make small progress during the daily bus ride or your lunch break. With patience and logical deduction you will certainly reach your goal!

The intuitive drag-and-drop controls give the app a realistic feel, just as if you were playing a real board game. Drag the pegs across the board and put them in the right place. Minimal effort, huge fun!

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Category: Puzzle
Leaderboard: no
Online Multiplayer: no
Number of Players: 1
Downloads: More than 10,000

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