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Farm Wars – Sow, grow, harvest and bargain to build your own farm empire and outdo your competitors.
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The MMO farm simulator Farm Wars is our first game that combines elements of real time strategy, massive multiplayer trading and idle game. The game brings together players from around the world who either fight their way to the top solo or band together in companies.

Farm Wars resets weekly and thus offers a fair chance of winning for every player who enters the game. Build up your own business by cultivating up to nine different crops and utilizing the market for your own benefit. Challenge other players or find like-minded people to help you reach the top of the weekly leaderboards. All you need is your smartphone or tablet!

The game has a comprehensive and pellucid tutorial which makes it easy for new players to get started. Farm Wars also offers a daily bonus and a variety of alternating options per week. Take your time to learn the game and you’ll soon earn your spot in the global leaderboard!

Other features of Farm Wars include disasters that threaten your farm, upgrades to promote your crop, means to manipulate the market, bonus cards to give you an advantage in critical stages of the game and plenty of achievements. Manage your crops, watch the market and plan wisely to make the best deals and profit the most!

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Farm Wars Top 10

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Great Features

• Enjoy the super-addictive gameplay and become a farm hero
• Challenge friends and players worldwide
• Become successful by selling crops and re-investing the profits
• Try different strategies until you easily outdo your competitors
• Found your own company and dominate the crops market
• Claim daily rewards and upgrade your tools
• Climb to the top of the online highscore leaderboard
• Unlock many exciting achievements


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Farm Wars

Farm Wars – Sow, grow, harvest and bargain to build your own farm empire and outdo your competitors!


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