Bubble Shooter Dream

Bubble Shooter Dream is the colorful puzzle fun you can start and come back to. Two game modes, each with 100 levels, await you in this four wonderful dream worlds.

In arcade mode you have to react quickly: the bubbles keep moving closer and only fast, well-aimed shots will prevent the colorful bubbles from reaching your bubble catapult.

In arcade mode you can bubble away to your hearts content, but in puzzle mode you’ll need to use your head: experienced Bubble Shooter veterans attempt to solve the demanding puzzles with a limited amount of ammunition and the right strategy…

No matter whether you want to shoot down slowly approaching, colorful bubble shapes or solve complex puzzles full of color: Bubble Shooter Dream shows just why this type of game is so popular!

Icon BubbleShooter

Great Features

• 4 wonderful puzzle worlds
• fast arcade mode
• tricky puzzle mode for experienced players
• 200 demanding levels
• loads of bonus bubbles
• great fun to play time and again
• no in-app purchases!
Bubble Shooter Dream


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