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  These days, almost every app has a hard time attracting enough attention in the app stores. Being an indie developer or startup with a limited budget makes this even more difficult. We would like to lend a hand and give good apps some help starting out. With our CrossPromo program, we’ll help your app to gain greater visibility and a better ranking.

What is the CrossPromo program?

We’ll promote your app in our games, providing around 500,000 ad impressions. Depending on the category, the resulting additional downloads should be enough to give your app considerably better visibility so that it can gain enough momentum. With the CrossPromo program, we want to make the difficult start for small studios and developers a bit easier.

Who is eligible?

Indie developers and startups (with fewer than ten employees and active for fewer than two years) with good, new or (yet) unreleased apps for iOS and/or Android can participate. In addition, to the fact that we reserve the right not to include any app in the program without specifying a reason, apps and games with content of a sexist, racist or violence-glorifying nature are automatically excluded from the program.

How does the CrossPromo process work?

We would like to know what we’re promoting and therefore require a short summary and a few screenshots, or, even better, a demo version.

Step 1 – Application stage:

– Summary of the app (what it’s about, your target audience, the genre/category) – Screenshots of the app (as a download, please) – Release date – Download URL (optional)

Step 2 – Decision-making stage:

– We’ll take a look at your documents and test your app if necessary – You will then receive feedback from us

Step 3 – CrossPromo:

If your app makes it this far, we’ll need the following from you: – Banner formatted to 320×50 pixels (localized if necessary) – Banner formatted to 728 x 90 pixels (localized if necessary) – Store link(s) to the app – Additional information on the release date and/or distribution area (optional)

What’s in it for you?

If everything goes well, your app will be successful and a few weeks later you can return the favor by promoting one of our titles. If your app doesn’t make it, that is of course a shame but you won’t have to “repay” us for the ad impressions in any other way. This way, there’s no risk at all involved in participating in the CrossPromo program.

How do you get your app in the program?

To apply for a place in our CrossPromo program, please fill out the following form. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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